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You've probably heard of Groupon, and BuyWithMe, and some of the other deal sites.  Well, time to welcome CoupMe to the mix.  

CoupMe, New England’s hyperlocal deal-a-day website, is bringing great deals to buyers in many regions of New England as it launches in Boston, Worcester, Metro West, North of Boston, South of Boston, Hartford, Ct., Providence, R.I., Burlington, Vt., Nashua/Manchester, N.H. and Portland, Me. Continued expansion is planned throughout 2010.

Today, they're running a deal on half price SpookyWorld VIP passes for $25 (half price).  VIP passes get you line skipping privileges and access to extra attractions, a fire pit, etc. 

Exclusive to Bloggery readers is a promo code: beantown that will get you $5 off ANY CoupMe purchase.  Promo code expires 10/15.  That brings your SpookyWorld VIP tix cost down to an even $20.  Less than half price.

Click (here) to check out CoupMe.

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