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Those of you that text while driving, beware.  Starting today, it's illegal.

Massachusetts drivers who text behind the wheel are facing a new state law with hefty fines as the state joins the nationwide move to limit distracted driving.

The new law taking effect Thursday also prohibits scanning the Internet on a phone or mobile device while driving and bans anyone under 18 from talking on a cell phone while driving. Violators will face fines ranging from $100 for a first offense and up to $500 for repeat offenses.

Texting while driving is a pretty big distraction.  I say it's probably a good idea.  Especially since nowadays there's a lot of phones that don't even have buttons.  Texting is hard enough with my fat fingers.  I don't need to be doing it in a moving vehicle. 

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1 Response to "No More Texting While Driving - Starts Today!"

  1. Karen Said,

    Any idea if you could get pulled for using GPS or turn-by-turn directions on a phone?

    Posted on 9/30/10, 7:23 PM


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