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Seems like a pretty small niche that the founders of have created.  Although, I guess if you include all past graduates of both their undergrad and grad programs, you might have a decent sized pool.  The site is for women who want to date specifically Harvard guys.  

Women: Find poised Harvard University educated men determined to make a difference in the world as foremost doctors, lawyers, businessmen, academics and professionals

Harvard Men: Meet an outstanding variety of discerning women who place a premium on intelligence, poise and ambition

Granted a simple website like this probably doesn't have much overhead, but I wonder if they've got a viable business plan or if this is just a hobby/way for the founders to meet chicks.

Click (here) to check out the site.

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1 Response to "Dating Site for Ladies to Find Harvard Guys"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    this cms design is nicely done is it available for free ?

    Posted on 9/12/10, 8:31 PM


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