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Ok, before I get to the details of the casting call, I wanted to share with you the funniest spam email I've gotten in a while.  Usually it's the Nigerian guy wanting to send me $10MM or discounted viagra pills but check out the latest one:

"Hi, as we can see, you're a very great fan of Justin Bieber, so we decided to share with you this interview after the VMA shows, it's in exclusive, so anybody has seen it yet. You're lucky!"

And then there was a link to download something that would undoubtedly blow up my computer.  I really hope there's nothing on my blog that leads people to think I'm a 'very great fan of Justin Bieber.'  But, I digress.

This post is for those of you who may own or work in a Southie business that represents the "southie attitude."  Check out the flyer below for details:

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