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I dont' know if I agree with that statement.  I'd put us somewhere somewhere closer to #1, but that's just my opinion.  The folks over at the Daily Beast probably (hopefully) reached their conclusion in a more scientific manner.

Top 5: 
1) Boulder, CO  
2) Durham, NC  
3) Washington DC Metro Area  
4) Boston-Cambridge, MA  
5) Trenton-Ewing, NJ

Though luring new factories and building new stadiums lend themselves to outsize media attention and ostentatious ribbon-cutting ceremonies, the less glamorous work of building up local knowledge assets and leveraging existing university campuses yields far greater and lasting economic gains. Unlike incentive packages and new stadiums, which, despite their price tags of hundreds of millions of dollars, too often turn out to provide benefits that are scant or fleeting, knowledge assets like research universities can’t move; they are rooted in the local economy. 

Whew, at least we didn't lose to New Jersey ... I hate that place.

Click (here) to see the article.

PS.  When you read the article and you get to the page on Boston.  Right click and do a 'save as' on the picture of Boston and check out what the file name is.  HIGH-larious.

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1 Response to "Boston is America's Fourth Brainiest City"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    don't diss on jerz.

    and the image was recycled from this article.
    funny non the less.

    Posted on 9/2/10, 2:47 PM


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