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I'm not a huge vintage car guy, but there are a few that I quite admire.  For instance, for those of you that are experts.  Which is better: a 1970 Pontiac GTO or a 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS.  Just curious as to what you think.  But I digress, what I wanted to talk about was the FREE Vintage Car Show and BBQ at the Biltmore Bar & Grill this Sunday - 8/29

Biltmore Vintage Car Show
Sunday August 29th at noon

Join the Biltmore for our First Annual Vintage Car Show Sunday, August 29th at noon. There will be a prize for "favorite of show" and a BBQ. Come and enjoy cool cars & cold beer.

I don't have too many details on the event (the website didn't have much either), but I think I saw somewhere that they're going to have 20+ classic cars there.  Sounds like it could be fun.  And free food is always a plus.

Click (here) for the Biltmore website.

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