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Ice Cream Showdown This Weekend!

8/20/2010 12:04:00 AM
So I was at a tradeshow in Toronto this past week and found myself craving a chipwich.  I have yet to have my chipwich, but it looks like I may get my chance this weekend at the Ice Cream Showdown.

Last year, on a hot August afternoon, the first Ice Cream Showdown was held. It went so well, it seemed only fair to do another. This year, however, we're trying something new and doing it on TWO DAYS in TWO different places.

On Saturday, August 21, in Union Square, Somerville, Ice Cream Showdown North will take place with Stonyfield, Chilly Cow Custard, JP Licks, Christina's, Toscanini's, Picco. This will be in the parking lot next to Grand at 374 Somerville Ave from 2-4 PM.

On Sunday, August 22, in SoWa, Boston, Ice Cream Showdown South will take place with Stonyfield, Toscanini's, Picco, Batch, Coop's MicroCreamery, Chilly Cow Custard and Christina's. This will be on Harrison Ave as part of the SoWa Art Market from 2-4 PM.

I hope they have chipwiches.

Click (here) to get tickets.

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