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It's like a combination of Ben & Jerry's free scoop day and that Kogi food truck in LA that tweets it's location.  Starting on 7/28 next week, the Ben & Jerry's Scoop Truck is going to be driving around Boston doling out free samples.    

Bostonians can beat the heat and avoid Cape traffic by staying in Beantown this summer. Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Truck will be keeping things cool by giving out thousands of free euphoric scoops of ice cream from July 28 through August 25. The highly-coveted Scoop Truck will be making stops at community events, parks, offices and beaches in the greater Boston area.

Bostonians will be treated to endless free scoops of Milk & Cookies and Boston Cream Pie, two of Ben & Jerry’s recent flavor creations.

Boston cream pie ice cream sounds kind of awesome.  It makes me want to go buy a pint of vanilla ice cream and a boston cream pie donut from DD and eat that for dinner.

Click (here) for more info.

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