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Boston Beer Marathon 2010 - 7/10

7/09/2010 12:52:00 AM
I love pub crawls.  I haven't done one in a while.  I think the last one involved my friends Sean and Kerry.  Kerry ended up throwing up outside the Quizno's in Downtown Crossing.  Dear Quizno's, sorry about that.  But I digress.  Coming up this Saturday is the Boston Beer Marathon 2010.

Join us this year for a day of festivites.
Beer Marathon 2010, July 10th.
26 bars, 14 Hours. Drink Responsibly.

Last year was the fourth year of the Great Boston Beer Marathon and almost had 2000 people join us in this great Boston drinking event. Last year, the week before our event however the Guinness Book of World Record was shattered at almost 3,200 people by the people of Australia. If everyone who attended last year brings one friend we can do this and Bring the Guinness Record to America for largest pub crawl for the first time to the Best Drinking City in America.

According to the website the festivities start off at the House of Blues at 10:30am.  You know, I have a term that I use to describe the act of drinking at 10:30 in the morning ... I call it "breakfast."

Click (here) to sign up.

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