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Ok folks, this will be your good deed of the day, and all you need is 30 seconds and a Facebook account.  The Disability Policy Consortium is participating in a contest right now to win some funding to help their cause and they could use our votes.

The mission of the Disability Policy Consortium (DPC) is to promote inclusion, independence, and empowerment of persons with disabilities through community organizing and advocacy. As a broad-based community organization run by and for people with physical, sensory, cognitive and psychiatric disabilities, we focus on organizing, activism and leadership development to promote civil rights, independent living, economic opportunity, and social equality.

The DPC has entered the Chase Community Giving Challenge on Facebook, and DPC could win $250,000.   It takes only 30 seconds. Voting ends July 12th, but please don't wait. We are competing with over 500,000 organizations.  DPC for the Win!

I was voter number 146.  I'm going to check back again tomorrow night and I'm really hoping to see a much bigger number than that.

Click (here) to vote.

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