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Boston, MA has been nominated for the VH1 2010 Do Something Awards "City" category.  Here's who we're up against:  Portland, Austin, Greensburg, and Salt Lake City.  Don't know where Greensburg is?  I didn't either (it's in Kansas).  That being said, we MUST WIN, so vote for Boston! 

The DoSomething Awards honor those who are making a difference in the world. VH1 and DoSomething have nominated Boston because of the city’s commitment to transforming children’s lives through innovative education. There are an additional four cities in the running to win under the same category.

If we lose this, I might actually cry.  If we lose to Greensburg, Kansas, I will commit ritual suicide.  Ok maybe not, but I will be beyond disappointed.

Click (here) to vote.

PS.  Tell everyone at work, home, your school to vote as well.

PPS.  If anyone reading is from Greensburg, Kansas.  I apologize for picking on them.  I've never actually been to Kansas so I shouldn't talk trash ... but "shouldn't" doesn't do much to deter me from things.

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2 Response to "Vote for Boston to Win VH1 Do Something Award!!!"

  1. Anita Said,

    Hi. I live in Greensburg. :)
    After a tornado destroyed 95% of our town in 2007 we decided to rebuild as a green city. Our city buildings are all LEED Platinum, our streetlights are all LED, our electricity is 100% wind generated... just to name a few things we've accomplished. Leonardo DiCaprio produced a series about our town that ran for 3 years on the Planet Green channel... Google us. You might learn something ;)

    Posted on 6/30/10, 4:36 AM

  2. Stacy Said,

    I am from Greensburg, but it's ok, I understand you gotta have pride in your city. You have to admit though, it's pretty amazing that a little town in rural Kansas has been nominated for this honor and is up against 4 major U.S. cities. You should see what we're all about and come visit Kansas! Visit or to learn more about our community.

    Posted on 6/30/10, 10:20 AM


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