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ROASTe's Specialty Coffees

6/03/2010 12:58:00 AM
Back when I was a consultant, we used to live at the nearby Starbucks.  We had free coffee in the break room, but it was awful.  So believe me when I say I know what lengths people will go for good coffee.  That being said, a new'ish Boston based company is bringing specialty coffee into the home: 

Boston-based startup ROASTe, launched last fall and has quickly become the largest collection of micro-roasted specialty coffees assembled anywhere – online or off. We’re selling more than 700 gourmet coffees from dozens of award-winning roasters.

Why should a sophisticated Bostonian settle for drinking the same exact latte every day? The city is hungry for higher quality coffee, as evidenced by the rising popularity of local roasters like Barismo, Rao’s, Flat Black Coffee and Boston’s George Howell and his Terroir Select Coffee Company. But why not have those same gourmet beans in your kitchen to brew first thing after waking up?

I'm no coffee expert.  I pretty much only drink it when I need to stay awake.  But I've always heard good things about Kona coffee and coffee from the area in and around Burundi.  I checked out the website and they've got a few from Rwanda, which is pretty close by.  Might be worth a shot.

Click (here) to check out ROASTe.

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