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Favor: Vote For Callanan & Klein

6/14/2010 12:57:00 AM
Nowadays, I get emails from tons and tons of PR and marketing people pretty much on a daily basis.  But, way back when, when no one had ever heard of the Beantown Bloggery, Adam Klein over at Callanan & Klein was the very first PR guy to reach out to me.  So hopefully, now's my chance to return the favor.

Callanan & Klein Communications is a finalist in the Comcast/Inc Magazine Productivity at Work Contest. We are in the running for a prize package that includes new computers, website consulting, productivity software, free internet and cable service, etc.   It would be huge for us to win this.

If you guys can do me a favor, cast a vote for Callanan and KleinAfterall, it's folks like them that keep me informed so that I can in turn tell you guys about it.

Click (here) to vote. 

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