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Here it is from the folks at CP Casting:



for the feature film "What's Your Number?"

We are looking for extras who have NOT worked on the movie yet.

You MUST be FULLY available Friday, July 9th THROUGH Sunday July 11th.

The work will take place IN BOSTON from APPROXIMATELY:

3pm Friday, July 9 until 6am Saturday, July 10

and then AGAIN

3pm Saturday, July 10 until 6am Sunday, July 11

You MUST work BOTH days -- these are obviously OVERNIGHT shoots, so you will need to adjust your sleeping schedule before the shoot to be able to work all night BOTH nights AND be able to transport yourself to Boston.

You also MUST go to a WARDROBE FITTING over the next week.



Include yor SIZES (waist, pant length, shirt size, dress size, shoe, etc.)

Include DETAILS about your availablilty through July 11

MANY people will email -- hundreds of emails will be discarded becuase people rush, they email the wrong address, they forget to include ALL the information, like COMPLETE details about their availability, the pictures don't come through in the email because they are too big, or too small, or too confusing, they forget their phone number, they forget to include ALL their sizes, etc.

Compose your email CAREFULLY, 1000 people will email -- only 100 may be chosen --

 Click (here) for the original email.

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