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Beantown Bloggery Goes to Chicago

6/28/2010 01:32:00 AM
So it pains me to say this, but I just had the best old fashioned of my life and it was not in Boston.  I was in Chicago for a wedding this weekend and we swung by the Sable Bar at the Hotel Palomar and those guys know how to make a cocktail. 

I had a really good Sazerac, but the old fashioned I had afterward was incredible. 

Old fashioned made with rye whiskey and no fruit (just an orange peel for garnish).

Oh and for those of you who are whiskey drinkers like I am.  If you ever visit Chicago, which I recommend that you do, go to Delilah's.  They have roughly 200+ whiskey's on their menu and apparently a couple hundred more in the back. 

PS.  Who wants to recommend a bar in Boston that can claim the title of "best old fashioned I've ever had."  You're going to have to dig deep, because I've been to pretty much all the bars in Boston. 

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4 Response to "Beantown Bloggery Goes to Chicago"

  1. chris Said,

    If you're a scotch fan you need to try a mezcal old fashioned at Drink. Mezcal is like a smoky tequila.
    At Drink they keep the old fashioned very simple with sugar, bitters, and spirits.

    Posted on 6/28/10, 2:26 AM

  2. Dan Dan Said,

    Trina's, for sure:

    But, c'mon, Delilah's is like the best whiskey bar in the country. It's like going to Russian River, trying a Pliny the Younger, and challenging another place to give you a better Imperial IPA.

    Posted on 6/28/10, 8:07 AM

  3. Jamie Wodetzki Said,

    Aaah, yes, it must be said, Chicago did more for me in two days than Boston has done in two years. Was there a couple of weeks back and had superb Old Fashioneds at The Violet Hour ( and The Gage ( The former was very similar to the one you describe, except that it was made with their own house-made orange bitters and a dash of hibiscus syrup (and a single, specially shaped ice cube... or more of an ice "ball" really). The latter used candied cherries and a hint of ginger, which worked very well.

    Posted on 6/28/10, 10:29 AM

  4. Unknown Said,

    The best old fashioned hands down I have ever had in Boston was at Deep Ellum in Allston. I was definitly surprised when I saw their coctail selection and pumped when the waitstaff could babble on about the different concoctions for a good while. But yeah... Deep Ellum

    Posted on 6/28/10, 1:31 PM


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