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The Boston edition of Where's Lulu launched earlier this month.  I just checked it out and it's a pretty interesting concept, and I'm thinking pretty useful for folks with disabilities once it's a little more populated.  

Where’s Lulu, a website featuring reviews about the accessibility of places and services, now provides a spot for Bostonians to rate everything from the wheelchair accessibility of local restaurants, to the tasty drinks offered at nearby bars.  The company launched in late 2008 and now hosts hundreds of business ratings available in a free, fun, easy-to-use format.

Says Where’s Lulu co-founder and disability rights activist Caitlin “Lulu” Wood: “As a disabled woman, I used to have to hear about accessibility through word-of-mouth, or call a place ahead of time - and even then, I often got the wrong information. Where's Lulu provides a way around that. It's really empowering."

I remember about a year or two ago, my friend Carl, broke his leg playing soccer (yup, playing soccer) and was on crutches for a while.  We went on a pub crawl and it was probably less than enjoyable for him.  Probably would have been worse if we went to bars that had stairs at the entrance.

Click (here) to check out Where's Lulu.

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