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Boston Zombie March - 5/29

5/27/2010 12:03:00 AM
Bloggery reader Michelle sent me a one liner about a zombie march that was supposed to be coming up soon and asked if I was interested.  My answer is a resounding ABSOLUTELY!  Who doesn't love zombies?  Here are the details:

Date: Saturday, May 29, 2010
Time: 3:30pm - 8:00pm
Location: South Station

Come one come all and come zombified! We are meeting outside of south station and proceeding upon a determined route to terrorize boston! We will be leaving PROMPTLY at 4 so be there early!


1. you may come as a zombie, a survivor, or a protestor, or anything else ties in with the theme.

2. no physical contact with regular people, if they tell you to go away do it, try not to scare children as well.

3. weapon rules, nerf guns or water guns only, if people ask you not to shoot them don't. I don't care if your airsoft gun isn't loaded do NOT bring it.

4. always stay on the sidewalk unless crossing, and break character when crossing, we don't want the group to be split due to people shambling across the street.

5. don't fuck up, number one rule. don't break anything, ESPECIALLY WHEN GOING THROUGH THE PRUDENTIAL. I have a good relationship with the city and they tolerate this happening every year and i don't want that to change.

6. there are a number of smaller after parties this year, due to personal financial reasons, ie the city bent me over the desk on the costs this year i cannot fund one as i did last year. right now I think i will be hanging out afterwards for a little while and then heading to a party, if you want to come with ask me.

7. come introduce yourself and say thank you to myself and the volunteers, it takes about 6 months of solid work to make this happen every year and varying financial cost not to mention my sanity. it is a free event so all we ask is your appreciation, come say hi and give some feedback.

There are over 3000 confirmed attendees according to Facebook.  I would REALLY like to see that.  If anyone snaps pics (in case I'm not able to), please send them over to me, I'll get them up next week. 

Click (here) for the event's FB page.

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