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Tata Nano at the Intercontinental

4/23/2010 12:04:00 AM
Bloggery Reader Jason swung by the Intercontinental to check out the new Tata Nano.  If I recall correctly, it's supposed to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $2500. 

CLSA brought around the Tata Nano, and I received an invite.  I went to check it out as I was curious.  It was bigger than I thought it would be as I sat in it, and fit comfortably.  I did not realize it was a 4 seater either as I thought it would be like a smart car instead.  Now it does not have a trunk as the engine is there, and as you can see in one of the pics, the spare tire is in the front.  Also, it is a 4 speed which would not be a big deal except that the stick shift is on your left.  All in all, I came away a lot more impressed than I thought I would be as in my head I thought it would be teeny tiny.  Even 4 Americans could fit in it.  Much more than the golf cart on steroids that I was expecting.

I've been in a Smart Car and driven a Mini Cooper.  Small cars aren't for me, but I'd be interested to check this one out just for kicks.  And then go back to driving my Denali.

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