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Privus Closing on May 2nd

4/28/2010 12:03:00 AM
I almost had a heart attack when I read this.  Not that I was super heart broken about Privus itself, parking was always awful in that area, but I almost thought I had lost my beloved Bon Chon (here).

According to Chowhound, though, the owners are going to relocate their Bon Chon franchise to Harvard Square.

Stopped in last week for some chicken and was told that they are closing in April or May, but that they were going to take the Bon Chon franchise to their new place- Bull Korean BBQ, on JFK, I believe where Shilla used to be. So bad news for Allston, good news for Harvard Sq. At least it's not disappearing from the Boston area altogether.

My thoughts exactly.  At least it's not disappearing from Boston altogether.  I have a few friends that used to drive all the way to NYC, gorge themselves on Bon Chon and then bring a few boxes back with them to keep in the fridge and eat over the next couple of days.  That's how much we like Bon Chon.

Click (here) for the chowhound link.

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