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I've gotten to the age where I've come to terms with the fact that I can't dance to save my life.  And rather than subject other people in public to the horrors of my dancing, I've pretty much stopped going clubbing.  I still go occasionally though, and this email just came across my inbox this week.

6one7 Productions are proud to present their newest Friday venture, FLASH at Royale, the site of the infamous former Roxy nightclub. 6one7 Productions will bring together a cross section of the city’s key players, from fashionistas to young professionals to industry innovators and everything in between. Grand opening revelers will enjoy a special performance by singer/songwriter Wynter Gordon (who has recently worked with smash artists including Flo Rida, Danity Kane, Jennifer Lopez and David Guetta) followed by the hottest beats from East Coast to West Coast by DJ Matty D in its newly renovated lavish opera setting. A special performance by Boston dance troupe Phunk Phenomenon will also light up the stage.

One of the Bloggery media reps will be there tonight.  We're currently holding a dance off to see who gets to go.  It really isn't fair for the one of us who has to dance while wearing a keg around his neck, though (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia reference).

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