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1000 Words: Royale

4/07/2010 12:02:00 AM
Bloggery media rep VLiu went to Royale this past Friday to check out the new weekly event hosted by 6one7 (here) and she had quite the good time.  Here's what she had to say:

Club Royale has definitely raised the bar for clubbing in Boston. Its luxurious but subtle decorations live up to the club's name. The sweeping double staircases leading up to the dance floor and bars add a fairy-tale touch to Royale; the plush, comfortable benches and high stools scattered throughout the club are extremely thoughtful for clubbers who do not have a table. For people who get bored easily like me, the two-stories and magnificent space will keep you more than entertained. Most important of all, Royale plays the best music I have yet to hear in Boston clubs, hip-hop and pop splashed with tints of trance, techno, etc.. Surprisingly, the drinks are not "royally" priced, instead relatively the same as Gypsy, Estate, Roxy Red, etc. All in all, this new club definitely measures up to the hypes it received.

Warning to those who want to give Royale a try: get there before 10:30!

I'm usually not this generous with my praise, but I wasn't there, so perhaps Royale + 6one7 really is this magical. I kind of want to find out for myself now/

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