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Thrillist Bar Madness

3/05/2010 12:06:00 AM
We are Boston.  Losing to other cities is not an option.  Thrillist is hosting a March Madness style bracket to find the best sports bar out there. The four bars that are representing Boston are: Cask N’ Flagon, Boston Beer Works, Stadium Sports Bar & Grille, and The Sports Depot.

Thrillist just launched the Bar Madness Sweepstakes - a user-driven, 7-round, nationwide elimination tournament pitting 52 sports bars (about half pre-selected by Thrillist) against each other until only one's left standing, or, being a bar, leaning on a stool for support. Users can nominate their favorite sports bar(s) using Yahoo! Search box and clicking the appropriate result.

Every round you vote in, regardless of how your bars fare, you'll be entered to win the corresponding prize of a great big bar tab of up to $4,350 and of course, a chance to defend the pride of your hood.

We're going up against Philly first.  Let's show them how its done.

Click (here) to vote.

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