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Terroir Coffee @ GoCoffeeGo

3/11/2010 12:33:00 AM
I don't drink a lot of coffee.  Actually, I don't drink much caffeine at all.  Instead, I try to get enough sleep so that I don't need it.  It doesn't always work though.  The last package of coffee that I bought was some stuff from Burundi that my friend gave me.  It was really good stuff.  I just got an email about a local artisanal coffee company called Terroir whose products are now available online. 

Terroir Select Coffee was created in early 2004 to forge a new kind of partnership with coffee growers – one which recognizes their fundamental role and identity in the production of high quality coffees. Terroir believes that one should not blend truly fine coffees, just like one does not blend fine wines, because they are already complete statements.

Terroir, based out of Acton, MA is tiny and their goal is to find to the best of their ability, benchmark quality coffees from single identified sources. Such coffees are often produced in tiny quantities and when transport is not available they fly the coffee to Terroir’s location. 

Definitely something worth checking out.  And Terroir's coffee is now being carried by as of earlier this week.

Click (here) to check it out.

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