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Ferran Adria Coming to Boston!

3/29/2010 12:32:00 AM
Ok, so I have mixed feelings about this.  I was ok with Ferran Adria closing El Bulli for a couple of years to 'reconcept' the restaurant.  Cause God knows I'm going to need at least that much time to save up enough money to actually fly to Spain and eat there ... that is if I can ever get a reservation.  But he's now going to teach at Harvard?  Come one, stick with cooking.  Or at least teach at Le Cordon Bleu. 

Spanish celebrity chef Ferran Adria, who has concocted treats such as ravioli made from squid and freeze-dried foie gras, is teaming up with Harvard University to offer an undergraduate course in culinary physics at the Ivy League school.

Adria will begin teaching in the fall at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the university said Wednesday. His general education science course will use cooking to introduce students to soft matter physics, which involves the study of suspensions and gels.

Welcome to Boston, Ferran.  But, let's not lose focus on El Bulli, por favor.

Click (here) to read the rest of the article.

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