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Poll: Jersey Shore in South Boston?

2/05/2010 12:03:00 AM
So apparently MTV is taking some sort of informal poll to gauge interest in having the 2nd season of Jersey Shore take place in South Boston.

What would happen if the cast of Jersey Shore spent its second season chillin' with the fighting Irish of South Boston? Apparently, a good number of you would like to find out! Forty percent, to be exact. And because I'm a true blue Masshole myself, I gotta agree: this hypothetical mash-up would be WICKED AWESOME to witness.

Think the Princess of Poughkeepsie could keep up with the badass bitches at Reveeeeah Beach? Would the J. Shore juiceheads stack up to my beloved Bostonian jarheads? Vote in the poll and tell us which side of the tracks would take charge in those sure-to-be pub brawls and chick robberies!

Click (here) to vote.

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1 Response to "Poll: Jersey Shore in South Boston?"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    MTV took down the poll.
    I guess they were threatened by the idea of Juice heads vs Massholes

    Posted on 2/6/10, 12:02 PM


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