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Did You Sign Up For Thrillist Yet?

2/05/2010 12:04:00 AM
The contest to win a full bars worth of boutique booze is ending soon.  If you haven't entered yet, I'd recommend you do it now (here).  One person emailed me after the original post earlier this week and asked "wait, where's this secret speakeasy that's mentioned?"  I believe they're referring to Prohibited over in the Symphony area.  Google it.  Or, if you'd been subscribing to Thrillist all along, you'd already know about it. 

Win a Fully-Stocked Bar of Boutique Booze for your Pad!

For your shot to win, sign up for Thrillist, the free daily email that finds the best of what's new or unknown in Boston.

Each day, Thrillist sifts through the crap to bring you info on the one new bar, restaurant, event or service you need to know about that day - whatever it is we promise it won't suck.

Recent discoveries include a secret speakeasy/sushi den, business cards made from laser-etched beef jerky, and a private party lounge in a former pickle factory.

Get on the list for FREE and you'll be entered to win a fully-stocked bar of boutique booze.

Click (here) to enter.   

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