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Boston Lamb Takedown - 2/28

2/15/2010 12:03:00 AM
Interesting little contest coming up in about two weeks.  It's a lamb cookoff.  I can't cook it very well, but I sure know how to eat it.  

Cooks! You are holding aces!!! Allow me to explain your awesome situation: the first 20 amateurs to sign up will each be given 15 lbs of lamb to cook with!!! Choose between shoulder, shank, leg, or ground! Now, think- what the crap are you going to do with all that beautiful meat? For inspiration, consider previous takedowns, and check out some media photo essays, or go out on your own limb. No recipe is too yummy! Sign up now, sign up fast… spots will fill up!

Lamb fans! For a mere $15, come on down to the Middle East, February 28 at 4PM and stuff yourself on each and every recipe. If you think you might love lamb, you’ll know after this day is through- lamb is hands down the noblest meat in all the land- and the cutest! Expect tons of lamb swag - just for showing up!!! As an honored guest of the Takedown, you’ve only one responsibility: to vote on the dopest lamb dish!!! Heavy lies the crown on the head of the Boston Lamb Takedown King.

So just doing the math, 15 lbs of lamb x 20 cooks = 300 lbs of lamb.  Yum!

Click (here) for more info.

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