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I got an email recently about a new startup that launched in Boston called  As all of you know, I love startups.  And there's only a couple of things I like more than writing about local companies trying to make it big.  Those would be old fashioneds (made with rye, not bourbon) and eating out. happens to help out with the eating out part - specifically saving us money when we go out.

We are a website that offers advertising and marketing solutions for restaurateurs. We are a hosting site for restaurants to post their specials or discounted meals online. We bring the chalk board specials from the streets to the web. We give you the ability to pre purchase your dinner entree’, or special, online for significant savings. We also offer gift cards from participating restaurant at 50% off the retail price.

I used to rely mostly on word of mouth or HubEats (the site run by The Phoenix) to look for meal deals, but now I've got brand new resource to use.  And anything I can do at this point to save money, is a good thing. 

Click (here) to goto the AllMealDeals site.

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