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Ok, so the free $75 from Zipcar is pretty great already, but wait until you hear about this event.  Ford is looking for 100 folks to give free access to a Ford Fiesta for 3 months in exchange for being one of their 'agents.'  Free car access for 3 months?  I'd sign up if I wasn't out of town 90% of the time for work.  They just told me that I can tell you guys about it, so all I can say is SIGN UP!

With Chapter 1 of the Fiesta Movement, Ford gave (100) socially vibrant individuals a Ford Fiesta for 7 months to complete missions and create cool content online to share with their online following. Chapter 2 is going to be a bit different in that we are looking for (20) teams of two who will be competing in marketing challenges.

For three months, March-June, this next group of Agent teams will be implementing Ford’s marketing/advertising campaign. Ford will provide the media channels (think billboards, pop-up retail space, graffiti wall, etc) and connect the Agents with local creative talent to bring their ideas to life but the creative direction/freedom for how Ford should be marketing the product features of the Fiesta is entirely up to the Agents.

In return for their efforts, teams will be provided with a Fiesta (gas and insurance) as well as technology/design tools to assist with the design process for each challenge…pretty sweet deal!

Ideal candidates have an entrepreneurial spirit, creative vision, are well connected within their city and have a passion for being a part of the Fiesta Movement. The time commitment for Chapter 2 will range anywhere from 5-25 hours a week so teams need to have a flexible schedule and the time to commit to the program.

Click (here) to sign up. 

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