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Sadly, this event is only open to UMass students, and I'm not a UMass student.  But I suppose if you know anyone there that doesn't want to go, they could get a ticket for you.  I read PostSecret pretty much every Sunday.  I'm sure this event will be pretty awesome.

Come hear Frank Warren, Founder of PostSecret, share the inspiring and funny stories behind the 500,000 secrets he has received on postcards.  See secrets that were banned from the books by the publisher.  Meet Frank afterward during the book signing. Books will be available for purchase including the #1 New York Times Best Seller, "PostSecret Confessions on Life Death and God".

This event is free and open to UMass students only. Tickets will be available to the public if any remain after they are distributed to students.

I've leafed through several of the PostSecret books while at the bookstore (here) and if my coffee table wasn't already full of books and magazines, I'd probably have one of them on there.

Click (here) for more info.

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