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Someone needs to explain to me the fascination with Jersey Shore.  I haven't seen it yet, but the other day a few of my friends were over and they were trying to see if they could find it On Demand on my tv because apparently the show is a train wreck and highly entertaining.  Well for those of you that are fans of the show and are looking for a place to rock all your Ed Hardy or Affliction or Tap Out gear - Bleacher Bar is having a Jersey Shore Party tonight!

When I think of Jersey, I think Korean food in Fort Lee.  That's about all I like about that state. 

Click (here) for the link.

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2 Response to "Jersey Shore Party @ Bleacher Bar - 1/15"

  1. Dan Dan Said,

    What about the Fat Beach sandwich from the Rutgers food carts??

    Posted on 1/15/10, 8:45 AM

  2. Beantown Bloggery Said,

    Ah, I forgot about the Rutgers food carts. It's been a number of years since i've had one of those sandwiches. I guess there's 2 things i like about new jersey.

    Posted on 1/17/10, 11:24 PM


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