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AGHHHHHhghghghghghhg.  So, I'm heading to Austin this weekend for a bachelor party and what do I see in my inbox?  All you can eat Island Creek oysters for $22 this Sunday at Sel de la Terre.  AGHGHGHGhghghhhhhhhh. 

Oysters are usually about two bucks each right?  It's been a while since I've had any.  That's 11 oysters if you do the math.  I can eat WAY more than 11.

Sunday, January 31 from 7-10pm - All you can eat oysters, shucked live by our friends from Island Creek, and passed "pig" appetizers in our downstairs bar. $22 per person.

I am not a happy camper right now.  That is all.

Note:  It looks like this event is going on at the Back Bay location. 

Click (here) for the Sel de la Terre site.

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2 Response to "Island Creek Oyster & Pig MiniFest - 1/31"

  1. Getting Healthy Said,

    Dude as good as oysters are and all, being in Austin especially for a bachelor party is just awesome. Plus you will see more pretty gals in one minute than during the whole day in Boston.

    Posted on 1/29/10, 9:14 AM

  2. Anonymous Said,$1-Oysters-every-Monday-at-Bar-Rialto.aspx

    Posted on 1/29/10, 11:19 AM


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