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About a month ago, my friend Shane and I swung by the Sel De La Terre at the Mandarin Oriental for drinks and a few of their appetizers.  They had some sort of happy hour special going on for a few of their appetizers.  I can't remember the details, but I do remember that the food was pretty good and so were the drinks.  Which brings me to an upcoming BuyWithMe promotion that's going to be featured this upcoming Friday - 1/8.

I saw your post about Legal today, and thought you might be interested in our Friday promotion -- $25 for $50 to use towards anything at any Sel de la Terre location! Plus, it's one per guest -- so you can combine as [many] vouchers as there are people at your table. It's an awesome promotion, and one I thought you'd be excited about.

Up to 50% off at Sel de la Terre (assuming you can get it to work out to exact multiples of $50) sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Click (here) to visit BuyWithMe.  Don't forget the promo isn't going to show up until Friday.

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