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Trader Joe's Coming to the South End?

12/02/2009 01:07:00 AM
That'd be nice ... if I still lived there. Just kidding, I'm a huge fan of Trader Joes, so the more the better in my opinion. An article a couple of weeks ago said that they've been looking into bringing a TJ's to Harrison Street in the "SoWa" district.

GTI Properties is working on bringing a Trader Joe’s to the South End’s “SoWa” district.
The Boston company presented plans to the Old Dover Neighborhood Association to locate one of the specialty grocery stores in the former power station/trolley barn at 540A Harrison Ave.

There's a couple of things I really love about TJ's. First and foremost is their Banana Nut Crunch cereal. I could eat that stuff all day long. Then secondly, is the orange juice. A few years ago I searched high and low for the best oj and I found it at TJ's. Natalie's Orchid Island. Delicious.

Click (here) for the original article.

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