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Those of you that have been reading for a while now remember when Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson were in town filming Bride Wars (here) and also when Bruce Willis was in town filming The Surrogates (here). Well, I finally watched them both and was curious to know what those of you who saw them also thought.

I'm not much of a chick flick guy (like any other guy right?) but I found Bride Wars really painful to sit through. I watched it in it's entirety because I wanted to see just how many Boston scenes I could identify and honestly, there weren't very many. Anne Hathaway is cute though, that was a plus.

The Surrogates on the other hand had TONS of Boston scenes. Lots of South Boston, Seaport District, and Financial District scenes. The movie itself was just so so (in my opinion) but it made it a lot more fun to watch since the movie was set in Boston. Bruce Willis is not cute, though, so that was a minus ... just kidding.

Now, I'm just awaiting Scorsese's Shutter Island which I heard is going to be released in February and then the new Grown Ups movie starring Adam Sandler and a whole mess of other awesome comedians.

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