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Drinks at the Ames Hotel

12/03/2009 01:39:00 AM

So unfortunately, I didn't an invite to the opening of the Ames Hotel, but I did swing by there last night to grab a drink and check the place out. You all know of my love for hotel bars, so clearly I had to check this one out.

Ames, located in the beautiful and historic Ames building, inspires both modern style and old world sophistication. An experience rich with elegant interpretations, complemented by innovative new design by Rockwell Group and the Morgans’ in house design team, Ames brings Boston and its visitors the dynamic experience for which Morgans is known.

This is my second experience with a Morgan's Hotel. I had drinks at the Delano a few years ago whilst partying in South Beach.

The bar was pretty empty, but then again it was a Wednesday night. Sadly, the upstairs "lounge' area was closed, so I didn't get a chance to see it (but that just means I'll have to go back again, right?). But I will say, there was a bartender there, Chyna, that was awesome and made a mean old fashioned.

Click (here) for a link to the hotel site.

PS. I didn't have a large number of drinks. But I had enough to lose motivation to blog any more tonight. I'll catch you guys tomorrow.

Update: I went back again the following night because I was in Faneuil Hall in search of an old fashioned with my friends and we stopped off at Hennessy's and was told they didnt' have any bitters so they couldn't make old fashioneds.

So we drank something else, and decided to head over to the Ames again. After all, it's just up the stairs from Faneuil Hall. Old fashioneds, manhattans, a brandy alexander, a mint julep - we were ordering all sorts of cocktails and they were all awesome.

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