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It's been a while since I've posted any casting calls. I typically only post the interesting ones for big picture movies that are filming in the area. If you're interested in hearing about all of them, i recommend you sign up for the emails from Boston Casting and CP Casting. This one looks interesting though.


Families, this is your chance to have America's top health and wellness expert,
Jillian Michaels move in, kick butt and change you and your loved ones' lives!

She is ready to teach your family how to exercise, eat right and be healthy in every facet of your life.
· Have you or members of your family packed on the pounds?
· Have you let yourself go?
· Do you have terrible eating habits and a destructive lifestyle?

If you feel helpless, frustrated, powerless or disappointed, it's time to step up and take your life back!

Tell us why you and your family are ready to start losing it with Jillian!

To be considered, e-mail a photo of your family, bio and phone number to ASAP!

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