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I very rarely eat in Harvard Square anymore, I did more often when I was in Central Square, but not it's just a little too far away. That being said, I never did eat at Bombay Club even then. Every time I was in that building, we ate at Penang. According to a few different articles I've seen around, the Bombay Club is moving to the South End.

The Bombay Club, Harvard Square's favorite institution of Indian food, is boldly making the transition from Cambridge to the South End.

Setting up in the former Pho Republique spot, think of the new BC as a more svelte version of the old restaurant. The menu has been streamlined from nine pages to two (less is more), and it'll feature the best dishes from the previous place, plus a biweekly Club Special highlighting a specialty from one of India's many regions. (Think pan-fried potato patties with lentils, yogurt and chutney, and chicken wings cooked in scallions and red chile sauce.)

Well, what a coincidence, I never ate at Pho Republique either. I typically got my pho fix in Chinatown and typically don't eat much Indian food at all. But I do like to hang out in the South End, so perhaps I'll finally make my way over to the new Bombay Club after it opens on 12/23.

Click (here) for the article.

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