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You guys all know I love Barbara Lynch's restaurants. B&G has been my favorite restaurant for the last several years. Altho, I have found that Neptune Oysters in the North End has some pretty spectacular oysters as well (in addition to bay scallops sometimes).

Back in October we referred to Barbara Lynch's "as-yet-unnamed" upcoming fine-dining project. Well that description no longer holds as the No. 9 Park maven has finally given it a name. It's called Menton, but as Dishing points out, you don't pronounce it like the city in New Jersey, you say it all French-like: "Mehn-TOHN," after the city on the French Riviera. Due in February, the place will share a location with Drink, but will have its own bar.

I'm a little confused from the description above. Isn't Sportello located above Drink? The last time I was at Drink, I didn't really see room in the basement level for a restaurant. Anyway, I guess we'll find out in February.

Click (here) to read the article.

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1 Response to "Barbarba Lynch's New Restaurant = Menton"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Menton also means chin in French.

    Posted on 12/19/09, 10:28 AM


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