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For someone who was really, really into video games when I was a kid. I sure am a sorry excuse for a gamer nowadays. That whole pesky "work" thing just really puts a damper on things. Even when my beloved Street Fighter franchise came out with their latest rendition, I played it for about 3 weeks and then promptly stopped. I still love video games, I just don't have the time anymore. That being said, you can probably find me on Newbury St next week testing out the new EA Sports Active game just to see what it's all about.

On November 16th EA SPORTS Active will be just around the corner, transforming an empty space for one month into a pop-up training center. Come in and meet with knowledgeable EA SPORTS Active ambassadors, use EA SPORTS Active on the spot or borrow from the lending library and try it out at home. With customizable and personalized workout routines that can be performed from the comfort of home, it’s a simple, fun and cost-effective way to stay healthy during the holidays, making it the perfect gift for you, and anyone on your list.

EA SPORTS will convert an empty storefront at 156 Newbury Street in Boston into a free workout space.

Video games that make you healthy? What will they think of next. First Wii Fit, and now this. Maybe this is the key to that whole childhood obesity problem that our nation is suffering from. It sure beats m

y solution: one year of mandatory military service (boot camp) after high school. My rationale, if you have to run three miles a day for an entire year, you won't be obese.

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