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I still remember when I was fairly young, probably the middle school timeframe, my dad purchased me a HUGE book to help me brush up on my vocabulary. After all, the SAT's were only a mere 5-6 years away. The book in question was a compilation of several Charles Dickens novels. And so at a very early age, I learned to hate Dickens.

But it grew on me as I got older and I was required to reread those books for school in highschool. Starting last week and running until the end of the month is a production of A Tale of Two Cities at the Wheelock Family Theatre.

Set during the tumult of the French Revolution, A Tale of Two Cities vividly dramatizes the influence of historical and political upheaval on the individual. It follows the intertwined fortunes of a French Aristocrat who reject’s his family’s tradition of terrorizing the lower classes; a physician whose long imprisonment has left him a symbolic hero for the oppressed; a drunken lawyer who finds meaning in life through an requited love; and a mob leader whose sheer rage at the degradation of the lower classes demands vengeance. This new adaptation of the Dickens classic poses questions as pressing today as they were two centuries ago.

Bloggery meda rep Dwillens is going to check it out next weekend. You should too. Bring the kids. You're never too young to learn what a guillotine is. Just kidding, the program description says it's for ages 11 and up. Leave the really young kiddos at home.

Click (here) for details.

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