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Speed's Grilled Pastrami

11/10/2009 12:02:00 AM

I got an email about a week or so ago that made me drool a little bit as I read it. A Bloggery reader and fellow blogger sent it to me regarding a new item at Boston Speeds Hot Dog Wagon: Grilled Pastrami.

We were having lunch at the Boston Speed Dog truck last week, when Chef Greg Gale tempted our already full bellies with his newest offering-- Grilled Pastrami. He's been trying to find the right alternative for that one person in a group who really doesn't want a hot dog.We think he found it. "Speed's Grilled Pastrami" is to pastrami sandwiches what a Speed Dog is to an ordinary hot dog.

Imagine excellent pastrami, placed on the flaming wood grill and tossed to let the flames melt some of the fat and crisp the edges into bacon-like goodness. Alongside, a roll spends a few moments on the fire toasting lightly. Then, if you're smart enough to follow Greg's guidance, a streak of his special mustard blend and a spoonful of fresh-made barbeque sauce is added to the bun. Finally, when the chef is happy with the melting, crisping and warming, the pastrami is piled on top.

As you'll recall, I made my first trip down to Speed's this past summer (here) for their famous hot dog. It was a little on the sweet side but still really delicious. Methinks it's time to make it down for the Grilled Pastrami.

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