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Thanks to Bloggery Readers Ina and Kaitlin for the heads up, sadly I didn't get your emails in time to head over to Harvard Square this weekend to see the filming of Friday Night Lights. My buddy Eugene is going to be pissed, he loves that show - he would have wanted to know about this.

Luckily, Kaitlin headed over to the set and wrote a post about it on her own blog. Here's an excerpt:

Harvard Square is not a large place, and as luck would have it the camera and lighting crew were already setting up when my mom and I strolled out of the T (subway for non-Bostonians) at 3:50pm. We hung around the crew, chatted them up, took photos, and asked where else filming had taken place that day. We quickly found out that Connie Britton & Aimee Teegarden had already filmed scenes at Tufts University, Boston College and Boston University earlier in the day, and that this would be the second outdoor scene of the day, and also the final scene to take place in Boston. It seems that our little Julie Taylor might be venturing off to college in Red Sox Nation!

Kaitlin's also got a bunch of great pics from the filming on her page.

Click (here) to check out her post.

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