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Excelsior Becomes Bistro du Midi

11/25/2009 01:43:00 AM

It was I think roughly nine months ago that Excelsior closed it's doors (here). I haven't had a chance to walk by that area in a while, but according to Daily Candy, it's relaunching as Bistro du Midi.

Fuel your Parisian obsession with a stop at Bistro du Midi. The French resto just opened its glass doors in Excelsior’s old haunt. Exposed wood beams, creamy walls, and wrought-iron light fixtures add a rustic vibe.

Linger at the downstairs bar (or sweet cafe tables) over a glass of wine (they have more than 1,000 varieties) and bar snacks like fried artichokes with aioli and Swiss chard and pine nut tart. Up the winding staircase you can drool over original Matisse and Picasso sketches as you wait for beef carpaccio with ginger bread croutons and cashew nuts followed by rabbit rillette with pistachios and toasted country bread.

I was never a fan of Excelsior, so here's hoping that this new place is better. I have to say though, the name Bistro du Midi does not really roll of the tongue in conversation. But I'll forgive them if the food is good. What I'd love to see on the menu would be some really good foie gras, duck confit, and if they don't mind doing a little big of French Canadian as opposed to just French, our city needs some good poutine.

Click (here) for their 'coming soon' website.

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