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Cabs & Credit Cards

11/03/2009 12:53:00 AM

I complained about this once already (here) but it bears repeating because I just had another round of horrible interactions with cab drivers this Halloween weekend AND I saw that Adam over at Universal Hub did a post on it as well (here).

SuperMark reports that when his cab driver told him after an $18 ride that his cab's credit-card reader was broken, he told the guy he only had $8 on him and that he was breaking the law by driving around with a busted reader. Miraculously, the cab driver managed to get the reader to work.

I usually walk or take the T when I go somewhere that doesn't have parking because I hate taking cabs.

Number one, fifty percent of the time, they end up taking a longer route than necessary in order to rack up the bill. I LIVE here, please stop making insane excuses for the obviously longer routes. Number two, for machines that were just installed less than 6 months ago, there sure are a lot of broken credit card machines out there.

Here's the part I liked the most, that came from a commenter on Adam's post. You can now file complaints online (here). Please try not to crash their servers.

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3 Response to "Cabs & Credit Cards"

  1. chuoszu Said,

    AMEN. boston cab drivers make me SO angry!

    Posted on 11/3/09, 9:22 PM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    I've yet to have a problem with either credit cards or routes. But I keep a good eye on where cabs go and often give them one instruction early on to show that I know the way. That always keeps them in line.

    Posted on 11/4/09, 8:03 AM

  3. TPapi Said,

    Thanks for the news and especially for the complaint line. Cabbies must have issues with tips or something when it comes to credit cards, because they always complain about taking a card, even if you call in advance. Cab drivers in Boston need to join the 21st century like they have in NY and SF.

    Posted on 11/5/09, 2:07 PM


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