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2010 Bodies By Boston Contest

11/20/2009 12:02:00 AM
Are you in good shape? Like really, really good shape? Stuff Magazine is now taking submissions for their annual Bodies by Boston contest.

We love bodies. All kinds — hard or soft, tall or short. (And a little ink only makes them more fun.) We like to dress them up in the latest fashions and strip them down for a photo shoot. Do you love your body? We hope you do. If so, let us see it! We’re currently accepting submissions for our 2010 Bodies by Boston Issue. Send us a current photo and tell us a little bit about yourself. Are you a dancer? A rock climber? Has your body been through a major transformation? Do you spend most of your free time at the gym? Are you a burlesque dancer with fierce curves? Whatever story your body tells, we want to hear it.

Well, not a bad way to lower my self esteem a little bit on a Friday morning. I know it should be 'inspirational' for me to see pics like that to hopefully motivate me to work out more and lose the rest of this weight. But really it just makes me want to weep a little.

Click (here) to enter the contest.

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