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Winner: Green River Ordinance Tix!

10/12/2009 12:02:00 AM
Whew, sorry for the sparse postings lately guys. I was in SF for a week for a wedding and then some biz meetings and while I was there SOMEONE spilled a drink on my laptop and didn't fess up to it. So I went to check my email and found my poor macbook sitting in a puddle of water on my desk - thereby leaving me with no means to blog.

The folks at the SF Apple store would not let me send it in for repairs and pick it up from a local Apple store once I returned home so it had to wait until I got back yesterday. For now I'm on my backup computer, but postings should get back to their regular frequency.

Congratulations to Bloggery Reader:

Stephanie D

For winning the pair of tickets to the Green River Ordinance concert this week on 10/14 (here).

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