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Wichita Becomes Knight & Day

10/15/2009 12:13:00 AM
So for the last couple of months, we've all been referring to the Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz movie as "Wichita." Well as of today, it's been renamed. Articles in both Variety and the Herald are confirming that the movie's new name is "Knight & Day"

Months after landing Tom Cruise over several other studios that courted him, 20th Century Fox has finally found a title for the film he is currently shooting.Studio has firmed "Knight & Day" as the new title for a film that had previously been known around town as "Wichita" and "Trouble Man."

The primping and preening continues on the set of the Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz flick, now - thankfully - renamed “Knight & Day.” The flick, which will also shoot in Spain, Austria and in the tropics, pulls out of Boston around Nov. 15

Oh and one other tidbit, it seems that the movie is supposed to come on next July 4th. Exactly one more month of shooting. If you haven't seen Tom or Cameron yet, better get out there.

Click (here) for the Variety article.

Click (here) for the Herald article.

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