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I would love to meet the person who's specific job it was to figure this out. It's like playing that Kevin Bacon game, but doing it for a living. Apparently, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are distantly related.

According to the New England Genealogical Society, they're also cousins. Tenth cousins, once removed, that is. Society researchers dug up evidence that both Damon and Affleck are descended from William Knowlton, Jr., a bricklayer who came to the U.S. from England in the 1630s and settled in Ipswich.

I guess it makes for interesting trivia to map out the family trees of celebrities. But honestly, I'm not even sure what a "tenth cousin, once removed" is. A cousin of one of my cousins = a 2nd cousin right? What does "once removed" mean?

I'm Chinese, so we keep it simple. I just call everyone "uncle" or "auntie."

Click (here) for the article.

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1 Response to "Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Are Related"

  1. Elana Said,

    The cousin of your parent is your second cousin. Their children are once removed from that. The cousin of your cousin is your cousin (if they're not your aunt or uncle's child, they are not related to you at all). The children of your cousin are your first cousin once removed.

    A tenth cousin would be the cousin of your great-great-great-(repeat 5 times)-grandparent. Once removed would be their child.

    In other words, it's not really closely related at all.

    Posted on 10/13/09, 5:55 AM


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