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I think casting calls and movie related stuff makes up almost 1/3 of my posts nowadays. Not that I'm complaining. I think this stuff is super fun (not just fun). Read this one carefully because it's a little more complicated than the usual casting calls. It's for a new show called Generations.

The producers of MTV's "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County" are now looking for America's next breakout personalities to star in GENERATIONS. This new show will follow the lives of a group of friends who attend the very same high school their parents attended but on the flip side, it will also follow the lives of their parents who have not only remained friends with their high school chums but whose teenage children have also become friends.

GENERATIONS allows viewers to experience teenage angst, and memorable life changing high school experiences that remain timeless, in a new and exciting way. The backdrop remains the same as the new generation walks in the footprints of their moms and dads, at the same schools their parents attended. The world has transformed greatly for the second generation of high school friends. Cell phones, the internet, twitter and Facebook have become part of everyday life but we’ll learn that some things about being a teenager never change…

To summarize we are looking for a close-knit group of friends (5 to 7) who all attend the same high school that their parents attended. Additionally we need some of the parents (4 to 6) to still be friends today. To apply simply email us a brief description of all participants (names, ages, graduating class, brief bio) as well as recent photos of everybody to

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